Interesting facts about skin color

Melanin is a pigment that is present in the skin to influence its color. Each pigment is defined by different genes that can be inherited from parents. Each gene is made up of many constituents that involve changes in skin tone. In addition, melanin can control the amount of UV radiation from the sun that can affect the skin.

In addition, the term pygmy is often used to describe the black population, which is found in groups where the average height of an adult male is less than five feet. An interesting fact took place in 1904 when a pygmy that was taken from the Belgian Congo and shown as a so-called "savage" at the St. Louis World's Fair. He was even placed at the Bronx Zoo. However, many protests and legal threats forced the zoo to release it. In 1774, the Anti-Slavery Society was founded in America by Benjamin Rush and Benjamin Franklin. John Jay formed a similar group in New York.

However, discrimination still exists in some places. For example, in Sudan, most people in the southern part of the country are black Christians and animists. The government sent them to "peace camps" where they suffer from hunger. More than a million people have died because of this since 2000.