Interesting facts about tooth decay

Interestingly, the brush head creates micro-moisture and increases bacterial growth.

Teeth should be brushed at least two meters from the toilet. The bacteria can be carried several meters through the air.

People who like carbonated drinks are 62% more prone to tooth decay.

The first toothbrush was made in China in 1498. For its bristles, animal hairs were used.

In 1938, the first commercial toothbrush was made.

Fluoridated toothpastes can cause health problems due to the toxicity of the fluoride they contain.

After an illness, it is necessary to change the toothbrush due to its contamination with bacteria, which can lead to reinfection.

Newborn babies do not have caries bacteria. They are passed on by the mother during kissing or talking.

Tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease among children aged 5-17, with 59% of those affected.

Interestingly, by the age of 60, about 30 percent of people have lost most of their teeth.