Interesting facts about Bruce Lee

At the age of 32, while filming The Game of Death, Bruce Lee died unexpectedly. Interestingly, the film company rewrote the script as if Bruce's hero faked his death in order to get away from the mafia. Moreover, the film included footage from the real funeral of Bruce Lee - including close-up shots of the open coffin.

Most martial arts films are sped up to make beautiful fighting scenes, but not in the case of Bruce Lee. His movements were too fast for the eye and therefore the action scenes were shot at 32 frames per second and then slowed down so the audience could see his movements.

Bruce Lee's family gave him the female name "Little Phoenix" because they believed that evil spirits did not like the boys in the family (their first son died in infancy). And Bruce's name was written down in his documents by a nurse from the hospital in San Francisco, where he was born (Bruce's father traveled with the acting troupe at that time).

Interesting fact, Bruce Lee was not a pure Chinese, his maternal grandfather was German.

Bruce began to study martial arts with a Wing Chun master named Yip Man. After elementary school, Bruce went to college in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where he often got into trouble. Bruce was expelled from there due to his aggressive behavior. Even after his parents moved him to another school, Bruce continued to get involved in street fights. The mafia became interested in the young master and his parents sent Bruce Lee to America, out of harm's way.

Interestingly, that Bruce Lee was an excellent dancer and studied dance as thoroughly as he studied martial arts. In 1958, at the age of 18, he won the Hong Kong Dance Championship!

In 1964, Bruce was invited to the Karate Championship in Long Beach, California. There he made his famous "One Inch Knockout", a crushing blow from a super short distance.

Developing his own style, Bruce Lee watched the battles of Mohamed Ali and other great fighters for hours.

Bruce Lee's son, Brandon, by a tragic coincidence, also died on the set of the film.