Interesting facts about Schwarzneiger

  1. While filming Hercules in New York, the producer decided that the name Schwarzenegger sounded bad and Arnold was credited as Arnold Strong. This was the only film in which he did not appear under his real name.
  2. Arnold was originally supposed to play Kyle Reese in Terminator, but James Cameron changed his mind and Arnold became the Terminator.
  3. Following his success in Terminator, "I'll Be Back" became Arnold's catchphrase that he used in many of his films.
  4. Arnold feared that playing the villain in Terminator would ruin his acting career. The film was a complete success and this role made him a movie superstar.
  5. In April 1997, Schwarzneiger underwent heart valve surgery.
  6. Schwarzneiger has appeared twice as the highest paid actor in Hollywood, first in 1991 with Terminator II, which he earned $ 20 million, and then again in 2000 with Terminator III, for which he was paid $ 30 million.
  7. Arnold was originally scheduled to star in the movie I Am Legend.
  8. When Arnold started bodybuilding, he noticed that his body was developing out of proportion. The shoulder girdle was in excellent shape, while the condition and shape of the legs left much to be desired. In order to stimulate himself, Arnie cut off all the legs of his trousers above the knee and so walked along the street. People mocked him, they say: "Look, such a big man with chicken legs." As you can see, it worked.
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger served as chairman of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports from 1990 to 1993. He was appointed by then President George W. Bush.
  10. Schwarzneiger does not receive the governor's salary of $ 175, 000 a year, but instead donates it to charity.
  11. Arnold auditioned for a role in The Incredible Hulk, but was turned down due to his short stature.
  12. Schwartz entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most completely developed person in the entire history of the world.
  13. Schwarzneiger was the first private person in the United States to buy his own Hummer.
  14. Arnold won the Mr. Olympia title 7 times, from 1970 to 1975, and in 1980.
  15. Arnold Schwarzneiger saved a life while on vacation in Hawaii in 2004 by dragging a drowning man from the sea to the shore.