Interesting facts about the wedding of Prince William and Kate

More than 9.5 million people registered on the official website of the royal wedding last November when the couple announced their engagement.

The first time the young people met at a university fashion show, where Kate participated, and William was a spectator.

Kate and William started dating in 2002, but broke up in 2007, although they reconciled after a couple of months.

Kate Middleton was born on January 09, 1982 and is 6 months older than William, she is the oldest bride in British history.

Prince William and Kate lived in a civil marriage, which is not in the tradition of the royal family.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are distant cousins ​​- they are 12 cousins ​​to each other.

More than 5, 800, 000 bags of garbage, weighing 4, 000 tons, were left after weddings, parties and family gatherings.

The American artist spent 80 hours creating the portrait of the royal couple.

Just hours before the wedding, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had given the young people street names in their honor.

The wedding ceremony was observed by 2, 000 friends, relatives and individuals inside the abbey and about 2 billion people worldwide. However, only members of the royal family were invited from the presidents of other countries, so Barack Obama was left out of work.