Interesting facts about Churchill

Churchill had American roots. His mother was the daughter of American entrepreneur Leonard Jerome, co-owner of the New York Times. And his grandfather was a distant relative of George Washington.

In the last weeks of her pregnancy, Churchill's mother decided to play ball, provoking an early birth. She only managed to run to the dressing room, where, surrounded by coats and hats, she gave birth to Winston Churchill on November 30, 1874.

Churchill went down in history as one of the world's greatest orators. But as a child, Churchill suffered from stuttering and, moreover, lisped a lot. Fortunately, the parents found a good speech therapist, and he corrected the speech defects of the future commander.

Churchill hated school! He went to school in St. James in Ascot, where he was the worst student in the class and was regularly beaten by teachers for it. Churchill refused to waste time on things that did not interest him. The father was worried about the boy and once, seeing his passion for toy soldiers, he offered to go to the Sandhurst military academy. Churchill passed the entrance exam only on the third attempt.

Churchill imitated the gorilla well. Winston Churchill loved to play with his little nephews. Few saw the ex-First Lord of the Admiralty, lurking in the branches of an oak tree, bared his teeth and pounded his chest with his fists.

Churchill died on the exact same day as his father (only 70 years later) at the age of 90, in January 1965.

Churchill was a prolific artist, producing some 600 works throughout his life, although they were amateurish in quality.

In 1899, during the Boer War, Churchill was a correspondent in South Africa, where he was captured and escaped from a POW camp. The bounty on his head was £ 25.

Churchill was a talented writer, novelist and historian; he wrote a number of works on the history of England and Europe. His literary achievements were officially recognized when Winston Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. By the way, he is the only British Prime Minister to receive such an award.

Churchill was named "Person of the Year" by Time magazine twice, in 1940 and 1949.

Churchill served under six monarchs: Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Senior military advisers Sir Hastings Ismay and General Alan Brook often took advice from Churchill in his bedroom. Churchill would order breakfast in bed and summon his assistants for debriefing.