Interesting facts about Ostap Bender

Most researchers of the works of I. Ilf and E. Petrov believe that Osip Benjaminovich Shor, a friend of the writers who worked in the Odessa criminal investigation department, became the prototype of Ostap Bender. He said that in his youth, in order to get a livelihood, he had to present himself as a famous grandmaster, then as an artist, or even as an underground anti-Soviet. It is interesting that after the publication of the novel, the friends had a falling out, since Shor demanded "compensation" from the writers' brothers for copyright. In the end, everything turned out to be world-wide, but he was never given money, saying that the image was collective.

  • Petersburg astrologer Yakov Uchitel, in 1992, based on the novel "The Twelve Chairs", carried out a calculation according to which the "great combinator" was born on July 25, 1900 in Odessa. Thus, this year Ostap turns 112 years old.
  • The Polish-Czechoslovak film "Twelve Chairs", filmed in 1933 by directors Martin Fritsch and Michal Washinsky, became the first film adaptation based on the work of Ilf and Petrov. The role of Bender was played by the Pole Adolf Dymsha. It is interesting that the famous Soviet actor Yevgeny Vesnik in the performances
  • Evgeny Vesnik, being an actor of the Satire Theater, played Ostap Bender more than 600 times.
  • In 1995, the Ostap Bender Museum was opened in St. Petersburg. At first it was located in a small janitorial room on Posadskaya Street. In 2005 the museum moved to the Children's Library on the Petrograd side. The owner of the museum, Anatoly Kotov, spent many years collecting things from the era of the "great schemer".
  • Monuments to O. Bender have been installed in St. Petersburg, Odessa, Kharkov, Elista, Starobelsk, Zhmerinka, Pyatigorsk, Berdyansk, Melitopol.
  • While finishing work on the novel "The Twelve Chairs", the authors argued: should they keep Bender alive or kill him? We decided to throw lots. They put two pieces of paper in the sugar bowl, on one of which a skull and bones were drawn. It was this piece of paper that they pulled out. Ostap's fate was decided. However, having conceived to write "The Golden Calf", Bender was "reanimated".
  • In 1933, announcements of the third novel about Bender appeared in print under the code name "Scoundrel", but this plan of Ilf and Petrov remained unfulfilled.
  • In honor of Ostap Bender, the annual festival of humor "Zolotoy Ostap", which has been held since 1992 in St. Petersburg, was named, and prizes were awarded within the framework of this festival.