Interesting facts about nails

Nails are predominantly composed of the solid "keratin".

The nails begin to develop in the fetus in the womb from the third month.

The growth rate of the nail averages 1 mm per week.

The growth rate of nails on the hands is higher than on the legs.

The nail is completely renewed on average in 4 months on the hands and about a year on the feet.

A person changes about 4, 700 nails in his life.

In winter, nails grow more slowly than in summer.

Also, nail growth slows down during the day.

During pregnancy, the rate of nail growth increases in women, but slows down during breastfeeding.

The growth rate of nails can be increased by regularly typing on the keyboard or playing the piano, these processes will play the role of massage, speeding up the metabolism, you can also nibble them a little, but this is not entirely hygienic.

The nails grow more slowly on short toes than on long ones.

Also, the growth rate of nails differs on the left and right hands, in right-handers, the growth rate of the nail will be higher on the right hand, in left-handers, on the contrary.

Nails grow faster on the index, middle and ring fingers.

The nail root, hidden under the skin, is 30% of the entire length of the nail in length.

10% of the world's population bites their nails, mainly due to stress.

In ancient Egypt, the color of the nails spoke about the position of a person in society, the darker the manicure, the higher the class was.

The longest nails belong to Guinness World Records Nelvin Booze. The length of his nails is 953 cm. It took Nelvin 25 years to grow nails that long.

White spots on the nails indicate a lack of zinc and calcium in the body.

If the nails are kept in water frequently, they will become thicker, as the nails are able to absorb water.

The nail has the same composition and structure as the hair.

Nails participate in assessing the hardness of minerals, on a nine-point scale. Grade 7-9 minerals can only scratch a diamond, grade 6 a file, grade 5 a knife, honorary grades 1-2 were awarded to a nail.

The speed of movement of the continents is approximately equal to the speed of nail growth.

Sharkers grow their fingernails to mark cards.

In Russia, it was believed that nails could be cut only on Thursdays.

There is an opinion that after the death of a person, the nails on his hands continue to grow along with the hair, this is due to the fact that the deceased's skin dries out greatly and it seems that the nails and hair have become longer.