Interesting facts about the beard

The longest beard in the world is almost two and a half meters long. And this record copy belongs to the Indian Bhai Singh. According to Bhai himself, he never dreamed of getting into the Guinness Book. And not shaved all these years only for reasons of faith.

The longest female beard was recorded by Vivian Wheeler from Wood River, USA. The woman has been growing it since the death of her mother in 1990. In 2000, the length of the beard was 27.9 centimeters.

The official version of the massive rejection of the beard in medieval Europe is as follows. It turns out that 15-year-old Louis XIV ascended the throne in France in the middle of the 17th century. The young king's beard had not yet had time to grow, imitating him, the courtiers began to shave.

Blondes grow beards faster than brunettes.

Thinking about sex will make your beard grow. The rate of growth of facial hair depends on the level of testosterone in the body, which rises with the anticipation of intercourse.

In Mongoloids and Negroids (as well as their descendants), a rare beard is genetically laid down. That is why Chinese portraits, for example, usually depict men with shaved cheeks and thin mustaches and beards. It is almost impossible to meet a bearded Japanese.

Maybe it's really not worth fighting with facial hair? .. After all, the average shaving man spends more than 60 days of his life on it. And shaves a total of over eight meters of hair ...

Prior to his presidency, Abraham Lincoln never grew a beard and always shaved carefully. Everything changed when he, already a presidential candidate, received a letter from a 12-year-old girl. The young miss advised the addressee to grow a beard, as ladies love bearded men. Seeing the hair on Lincoln's face, they will admire, put pressure on their spouses and make them vote for him.

Before Peter the Great, the beard in Russia was treated with great respect. For a Russian, there was no more serious offense than spitting on a beard, and for a tangle of hair torn out of a beard or mustache in a fight, they took a huge fine for those times - 12 hryvnias, more than for a crippled hand.

Peter the Great went down in history not only with reforms, but also with hatred for long beards. So fierce that he personally cut off their "authority" to the boyars. In addition, every bearded man was required to pay a "beard tax". A similar tax also existed in England and France.

A thick and fast-growing beard was considered a sign of not only courage, but also strength. This is why the French Foreign Legion used to accept only bearded men as sappers. Today this sapper's craft is famous for its jewelry precision. Previously, representatives of this army specialty had to break open doors, smash walls, and work for hours with a shovel. For this reason, only the most hardy, that is, the magnificently bearded, were selected as sappers.

But in the army of Alexander the Great, it was not allowed to wear a beard. Facial hair was considered a sign of vulnerability: during a close fight, the enemy could grab it with his hand. The ancient Romans also shaved their faces smoothly, believing that this is what distinguishes a civilized person from a barbarian.

On a modern geographic map, you can easily find the "bearded island". This is how the word "Barbados" is translated.

The most famous bearded men in the history of rock music are Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. They remained true to their image even when Gillette offered them a record fee if the musicians shaved their beards. Billy and Dusty refused, but they explained this not by their principles, but by the fact that without beards they would frighten anyone.

Many men grow a beard to hide a limp chin.

If a woman has high testosterone levels, she may also start to grow a beard. A beard contains 7, 000 to 15, 000 hairs. Of all the facial hair, it grows the fastest. Beard hair grows back at a rate of 140 millimeters per year.

A man spends over 3, 000 hours shaving his beard and removes over 8 meters of hair from that part of his face every year.