Interesting facts about slippers

Slippers descended from Roman sandals, by the way in many countries they are called sandals. Since ancient times, sandals have been used by residents of countries with hot climates and were intended so that the hot sand does not bake the feet and the person does not get tired of the heat and exhaustion.

Slates are the colloquial name for rubber slippers. In the Soviet Union, the famous manufacturer of these shoes was the Polymer plant in the town of Slantsy. Some buyers believed that the word "Slates" embossed on the soles of the flip-flops was the name of the shoe, not the place where it was made. Further, the word entered the active vocabulary and became a synonym for the word "slippers".

The bourgeois call them flip-flops because of the characteristic sound they make when walking.

These sandals, which are widespread in tropical Asia, came to our country from Vietnam, and therefore they are called Vietnamese. Today, in a sultry summer in flip flops, it is not shameful to walk around in urban settings.

The most expensive slippers in the world were produced by Chipkos. They are hand-painted by an artist, have a gold emblem and cost $ 18, 000.

Most of the really comfortable things are simple. So the designer Ozgu Gundeslioglu did not reinvent the wheel. Instead, he created simply the most compact slippers that can be rolled up and put in a pocket at any time.

Orthopedists do not recommend walking in slippers for a long time, especially on thin or hard soles, since the shock load on the foot, ankle joint and knee increases many times over. Each step is accompanied by a blow to the heels, cracks appear on them, inflammation can develop and "heel spurs" can form.

Flip flops are so popular in some countries that they even have their own holiday. On December 2, New Zealand celebrates National Jandal Day.