Ian Asher's story, or how to change your life


To completely abandon your old life and start all over again - it would seem that this is possible only in films. The act of the brave Briton Ian Asher makes him change his mind. Anyone who has a great desire and faith is able to fulfill all his dreams.

Ian Asher was born in Darlington, UK. The mature life of a Briton took place quite far from his native home - in the city of Perth, Western Australia. There he lived with his wife Laura, working in a small shop as a carpet seller. In his incomplete 50 years, Ian was terribly dissatisfied with his own life and dreamed of adventure and travel. Soon, his marriage, which lasted six years, also cracked - Laura left her husband, which broke his heart to smithereens. However, it was this last blow that motivated him to change his life. And so, in 2008, a desperate man found a rather unusual way out of this situation - he decided to sell his failed life on the eBay online auction.

The lot that actually appeared in the online auction, which was called "The Life of Ian Usher", included a house in Perth with all the equipment and furniture, a used Mazda car, a jet ski, a motorcycle, parachute gear, a workplace in a store and even acquaintance with all of its friends and colleagues. The description of the lot put up for sale ended with a short phrase: "I've had enough of my life, I don't need it anymore." Ian wished to keep with him only a wallet, a passport and a few backpacks with personal belongings. He wanted to completely get rid of anything that would remind him of past failures. The starting price of the lot was $ 1. A week later, the Briton had $ 305, 000 in proceeds from the sale of his life.

According to Ian Asher, when the sale took place, he did not immediately understand what to do next, but he always had a dream to travel the world. Then the daredevil made a list of 100 extreme goals that he volunteered to carry out within 100 weeks.

Airplane pilot

With crabs in Australia

Soon after compiling the list, he bought a ticket to Dubai and went to fulfill his first dream - to go skiing in the scorching rays of the sun. Over the next two years, he continued to pursue his goals without interruption. One of Ian's most dangerous adventures is running with the bulls on a Spanish holiday in Pamplona. As the Briton says, as a child, he saw a film dedicated to this vibrant festival, and promised himself to get to it. That is why it became one of the main desires on his list, although participating in this, according to him, was rather scary. Asher calls the most exciting dive he did off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, where he was able to swim in close proximity with whales. The daredevil swam with great white sharks in Africa, walked along the Great Wall of China, learned to fly an airplane, jumped with a parachute at night, enjoyed the beauty of all the largest waterfalls in the world and got himself an octopus as a pet. Another dream came true in London - he managed to communicate with his idol, the famous British entrepreneur Richard Branson. In Hollywood, Ian persuaded the producers to give him a small role in the film.

In zero gravity


Finding the Maya

Parachute jump

Friendship with an eagle

After the time allotted by Usher, he discovered that in two years he had managed to complete 94 points from his list. The remaining targets are listed as “in progress”. Temporarily unfulfilled dreams include diving into the sunken Titanic, jumping from a pier into the water by car, meeting five Yen Asher, learning the ability to dream lucid dreams, investing $ 50, 000 in cancer research, and being present at the birth of your own child. Asher is confident that all his dreams will come true, it's just a matter of time.

Ian was helped to completely heal his emotional wounds by his beloved woman, Mo (Maureen Boksa), a 38-year-old Canadian who learned about the brave Briton from the news. In a letter she wrote to him, there was a proposal to add a dog sledding competition in Canada to his wishlist. Ian accepted her offer, not even suspecting that this woman would become the love of his life.

With new love

Such an unusual story could not fail to affect the interest of Hollywood filmmakers. The film rights to the adventures of Ian Asher were bought by Disney for $ 356, 000. The Briton hopes that in the process of making the film he will not only act as a consultant, but also play a small role in it.