Secret "message" of Governor Schwarzenegger

As Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger spent two terms, and during his tenure he showed himself with a competent leader and politician, not without reason more than 50 percent of the state's residents voted for him both times. The main problem of the state of California was the budget crisis, the new governor inherited a deficit of $ 30 billion, which had to be paid off somehow. Naturally, Schwartz began to cut costs ... Every day, congressmen’s projects are put on the governor’s table with a request to allocate funds for various needs, which can either be signed or rejected. And then one day the mighty Arnie was so fed up with attempts to milk money from the budget that in a notification of his intention to impose a ban on the San Francisco coastal development project sent by Congressman Ammiano (it was about building a former dock), Schwarzenegger encrypted a small additional, but very laconic message.

Governor's spokesman, Aaron McClear, was quick to assure that the first letters of the lines were lined up in this way completely by accident. However, Californian journalists believe that Republican Schwarzenegger took a dislike to Democrat and homosexual Ammiano after he attacked the governor with sharp criticism at one of the democratic meetings. Tom Ammiano expressed dissatisfaction with Schwarzenegger's policies, calling him a liar and even more offensive words.

By the way, for the unpopular policy of budget cuts, discontent of trade unions for the forced cuts in wages and benefits at enterprises, indignation of citizens for attempts to raise taxes and stop illegal emigration, as well as other innovative attempts to bring the state out of the crisis Governor Schwarzenegger left his post with a rating of 25%, in contrast to the rating of 66% at the beginning of the governorship, for which he was named by the public as 11th in the list of the worst governors in the United States.