Igor Miklashevsky - scout who could eliminate the Fuhrer

The story of Igor Miklashevsky is perhaps worthy of a whole book. This man, who was born and raised in the USSR, played an important role in Soviet history, because it was he who was entrusted with eliminating Hitler himself.

Igor grew up as a talented boy. Coming from an intelligent family (his mother was an actress, and his father was a famous choreographer), he showed success in his studies and sports. Knowing excellent German and having good manners, Igor was simply doomed to follow in the footsteps of his parents and become an art worker. Yesenin himself (a good friend of the family) presented the young man with one of the first models of the camera. But it so happened that the guy was more interested in boxing, having achieved considerable success in this area - he became the champion of the Leningrad region in the middle weight.

After school, he, like many of his peers, was drafted into the army. At the end of the service, Igor returned to Leningrad, where he continued training and was supposed to perform in the final of the USSR boxing championship. But the war began. The young man with knowledge of the German language and having excellent physical training quickly became interested in the Soviet special services, looking for a suitable candidate for a special assignment. After recruiting and training for a year in a special center, Miklashevsky was tasked with penetrating into the very rear of the Nazis and “removing” Furrer himself.

Of course, Igor understood that he might not return from this assignment (before him, a similar mission was entrusted to six experienced scouts, but no one succeeded). But the guy loved his homeland and was ready to complete the task, even at the cost of his own life.

The first step was to enter the German high society, through the acquaintance with Max Schmeling - the most talented German boxer and real world boxing champion. To do this, Igor provoked a fight in one of the cafes, after which he was taken to the police, from where he fled and went straight across the front line to the Germans, as he "terribly hated the communists." The legend was well prepared, because Miklashevsky himself was related to another defector - the theatrical family of the Blumenthal-Tamarins, ardent accomplices of the Nazis. After the check, Igor was sent to Normandy as a motorcyclist to one of the German units. Soon, Uncle Blumenthal used all his connections and secured the return of his beloved nephew to Berlin.

Boxing experience allowed the scout to perform at demonstration fights and boxing matches among German amateurs. Thanks to numerous victories Miklashevsky attracted the attention of Schmeling, with whom he made a close acquaintance on sports grounds. The operation was entering its next phase ...

Olga Chekhova

Igor also had assistants. He knew the Polish magnate, Prince Janusz Radziwill, who, although not an NKVD agent, also secretly fought against fascism. Using his connections, the prince was supposed to help Miklashevsky to acquire acquaintances in the high society of Germany.

Once at one of the theatrical premieres, the uncle introduced the scout to the German theater actress Olga Chekhova, the favorite of the Fuhrer himself. No one except Igor knew that this was our messenger who secretly helped in organizing the assassination attempt on Hitler.

Hitler himself was a great theater lover and enjoyed attending theatrical premieres, surrounded by the supreme leadership of the Reich. Which is what Miklashevsky decided to use. However, to his message about the opportunity to "remove" Hitler during his visit to one of the performances, a secret message comes from the headquarters - the mission to eliminate Hitler is canceled.

The fact is that by 1943 there was a clear turning point in the war. Soviet troops won a convincing victory at the Kursk Bulge, and Stalin was afraid that in the event of the death of the Fuhrer, the Germans would try to conclude an agreement with the allies, exposing the USSR to the attack of the united army.

At the same time, a new order was received from Moscow, according to which Igor, under a false name, had to get a job at a German plant that produces bombs. The scout blew up a strategically important object, the enraged Germans got on the trail of the saboteur and in the ensuing firefight Igor got a bullet in the throat, which, by pure chance, did not touch the artery. They did not even check the bloody body, deciding that the fugitive died of monstrous wounds. At night, bleeding but still alive, Igor was found by a girl named Irene Spade. She took the Russian to the resistance headquarters, where he received an ambulance. But Miklashevsky needed a real surgeon, and the only way out was to re-enter the ranks of the Nazis. After dressing him in a German officer's uniform and putting documents in the name of Senior Lieutenant Klug in his pocket, the resistanceists left Igor next to the remains of a recently blown up car. The Germans picked him up and sent him to the hospital, where a full-time surgeon worked on Igor. After he regained consciousness, "Klug" was informed that his wife was coming to see him in a couple of days. Miklashevsky had to quickly develop an escape plan, with which he was helped by a Russian-speaking nurse. The scout got out of the hospital in a car with dirty linen, Wounded, but alive Miklashevsky returned to Berlin, where he lived with his uncle until the beginning of 1945, when everything settled down a bit, a new order was received - to eliminate his uncle. This could not get away with, I had to flee again, this time to liberated France. There the scout met the end of the war, and for two whole years after the victory of the USSR over Germany, he hunted down the hiding Nazis.

When Igor returned to Moscow, the NKVD officers, after hours of interrogation, took a nondisclosure agreement, handed him a "Red Star" in an honorable atmosphere and sent him home. There his wife was waiting for him, whom he had married before the war, but the relationship with his wife did not work out. Irene was a thorn in her heart, who pulled a barely living soldier "from the other world".

Only in the late 70s was Miklashevsky able to tell his story, because before that he had to be silent on pain of death. He used to be a simple boxing trainer for everyone who went through the war and prefers to walk his beloved dog in the morning. By the way, it was Miklashevsky's dog who later became the hero of the Soviet film of the same name about true friendship and loyalty. White Bim - that was his name.

This truly brave and devoted man died on September 25, 1990 and was buried in Moscow at the Perlovsky cemetery.