Interesting facts about Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas - father was born in 1802 in Villers-Cotrets in the north of France. The family lived in poverty and the child could not get a good education. It was only thanks to his excellent handwriting that the twenty-year-old man succeeded in a position in one of the Parisian offices. Having received a permanent job and a means of subsistence, Alexander begins to write his first works.

The future writer could not get any serious education. One of his friends compiled a list of books for Alexander that, in his opinion, everyone should read. Dumas combined reading with regular visits to the theater.

Why is it customary to add “father” to the name and surname of Alexander Dumas? His son Alexander Dumas Jr. was also a writer. The child's mother was Katrina Labe, the owner of a small sewing workshop. Despite her protests, Dumas Sr. took the child and took care of his upbringing himself.

Alexander Dumas, like our poet Alexander Pushkin, had African roots. The writer's paternal grandmother was a slave from the island of Haiti. If Pushkin was 1/8 of the Africans, then Dumas was a quarter.

Once Alexandre Dumas, during a party, had a big quarrel with a cavalry officer and was summoned to a duel. We decided to put two notes in the hat, on one of which they wrote the word “death”. Whoever gets this note will have to shoot himself with a pistol.

Fate decreed that the writer had to commit suicide. Dumas said goodbye to his friends and went into one of the rooms. After a few seconds, a shot rang out. Suddenly, Alexander appeared on the threshold and said that he shot himself, but missed. The first to come to his senses was the same officer with whom Dumas had quarreled. He offered to drink to the health of the resourceful rival.

In 1858, the writer came to Russia. He visited Moscow, Petersburg, visited the Volga, and then went to the Caucasus. This trip was not in vain, returning home, Dumas opened a barbecue in Paris. By the way, the first in all of France. By the way, Dumas cooked well and worked on the "Big Culinary Dictionary" until the last days of his life. Until now, this book is very popular.

During this trip to Russia, Dumas visited Kazan, where the rector of the local university invited the writer to hunt. She was successful, she managed to shoot a huge number of hares, after which Dumas wrote in his diary that "In Kazan, even hares are kind."

During his life, Dumas wrote over 100, 000 pages of text and was one of the best-selling writers in the history of world literature. But, there is information that Dumas worked in collaboration with other writers, while being indicated as the only author of the work. This was because the name "Dumas" on the cover guaranteed the popularity of the book. One of the co-authors, Auguste Macke, even sued Dumas, trying to prove his authorship of some of the works.

It should be noted that Dumas contributed to the spread of the works of Russian writers in France. It was he who translated Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov and other classics of our literature into French.