Interesting facts about Jack London

American writer Jack London has always been extremely popular in our country. Thousands of boys, having read his works, dreamed of leaving for America to mine gold, fight in the ring with professional boxers and race dog sleds across the endless expanses of Alaska. Meanwhile, the very life of the writer was like an adventure novel.

10 Fun Facts About Jack London:

  1. During pregnancy, Flora Wellman, the mother of the future writer, tried to commit suicide, as the father of the child, astrologer William Cheney, did not want to have a child and insisted on an abortion. The young woman shot herself, but it all ended with a minor wound. And on January 12, 1876, her son was born - John Griffith Cheney.
  2. The boy got his name Jack London later when his mother married John London, a member of the American Civil War. The child was given the name of his stepfather, later the young writer began to sign his literary works - Jack London.
  3. A difficult childhood forced Jack to take any job: he sold newspapers, cleaned beer pavilions, worked in a cannery. He even tried to become an entrepreneur: he bought an old schooner and went fishing for crabs and shrimp off the coast of San Francisco. But, all his undertakings ended in failure.
  4. Gradually, the young man came to the conclusion that hard physical labor cannot make a lot of money. He decided to become a writer and entered the University of California. I managed to study only three semesters: lack of funds led to the fact that I had to quit studying.
  5. By the way, Jack received his first fee at the age of 16. He managed to publish an essay "Typhoon off the coast of Japan" in one of the San Francisco newspapers. Moreover, the plot was not fictional - the guy was able to get a job as a sailor on a fishing vessel and, indeed, visit the Japanese coast.
  6. A keen man like Jack London could not calmly read about the Gold Rush in Alaska in the newspapers. It is not surprising that in 1897 he went in search of gold. And there he was unlucky: London did not soap a lot of gold, but returned to San Francisco with a pile of papers - sketches of stories about harsh Alaska and people dreaming of getting rich in gold mines. In 1900, his first book, The Son of the Wolf, was published.
  7. Soon, the whole world was reading the works of the young American. Jack's performance was simply fantastic - he could spend 15 hours a day at the writing desk. He is considered the first writer who was able to earn a million dollars in literary work. Publishers offered him fantastic sums at that time - $ 50, 000.
  8. After earning a decent amount, Jack London decided to become an exemplary farmer and bought himself a ranch. However, as in his youth, the entrepreneur from Jack was useless. The economy suffered losses, which had to be covered by persistent writing.
  9. In the last years of his life, the writer was in a state of terrible depression. Even literary activity, which brought huge fees, did not give the former joy. He died on the night of November 22, 1916. The reason is an overdose of morphine. There were even rumors that Jack London died of his own free will.