Interesting facts about the fabulist Ivan Krylov

Ivan Andreevich Krylov is known, first of all, as a famous fabulist. Meanwhile, in his life there were very interesting cases, which should be told separately.

16 Interesting facts from the life of Krylov:

  1. As a child, Ivan Krylov and his mother ended up in Orenburg besieged by Emelyan Pugachev. It was the experienced hunger and poverty that led to obesity and the syndrome of "gluttony" in the adult writer.
  2. Krylov began working at the age of 11 to help an impoverished family after his father's death.
  3. As a child, Krylov was a fairly strong fist fighter and often took part in wall-to-wall folk entertainments. It often happened that he won a duel with an adult opponent.
  4. Krylov was very fond of looking at fires. As soon as the sound of the alarm was heard, Ivan Andreevich was already rushing to the place of events. Friends already knew - if someone needs Krylov, the easiest way is to find him in the fire. By the way, the owner of the apartment where the fabulist lived was very worried that Krylov would not have started a fire. He even offered to conclude an agreement, according to which, in the event of a fire through the fault of Krylov, he would have to pay 60, 00 rubles. Ivan Andreevich read the text of the agreement and added two more zeros to the amount, telling the owner that he would still be unable to pay either one or the other amount.
  5. In adulthood, Ivan Andreevich preferred to lie on the sofa. They say that it was Krylov who became the prototype of the hero of Goncharov's novel Oblomov. For thirty years Krylov worked as a librarian at the Public Library, but even there he managed to carve out a couple of hours for sleep.
  6. Krylov was indifferent to his appearance, he always looked careless, rarely washed and changed clothes.
  7. It is reliably known that Ivan Andreevich Krylov is the author of 236 fables. Many plots are borrowed from the ancient fabulists La Fontaine and Aesop.
  8. In addition to fables, Ivan Andreevich Krylov wrote odes, comedies, stories, tragedies, but according to his contemporaries, these works were frankly weak, and Krylov himself found himself in fables.
  9. Doctors strongly advised the writer to lose weight by taking long daily walks. Krylov began to fulfill their recommendations, but he was distracted by the merchants, who literally dragged Ivan Andreevich to their shops. Krylov was able to get rid of the annoying merchants in an original way: he entered the store, looked critically at the shelves and said in disappointment: "Not enough goods!"
  10. At a dinner party with Empress Catherine II, Krylov got so carried away that even the poet Zhukovsky pulled him back: “Stop eating! Let the queen treat you! " But, Krylov objected - "What if he doesn't sweat?"
  11. Once, at the dinner table, Krylov was sitting next to an avid fisherman, who enthusiastically talked about his trophies. When the fisherman spread his arms, showing the size of the fish he caught, the writer moved aside, saying: "Let me let your fish pass, otherwise it is cramped."
  12. Krylov was a gambling man, he loved to play cards and bet on cockfights. The police had him on the lists of avid gamblers, along with Pushkin. Moreover, Krylov himself said that he is not a rich person, therefore, he plays solely for the sake of money.
  13. At the age of 22, Ivan Krylov fell in love with the priest's daughter Anna. But the parents refused to marry their daughter to the poor poet. Later, under the pressure of their daughter, they changed their minds and wrote to the poet in St. Petersburg. Krylov replied that he had no money to come for the bride and asked to bring Anna to him. The girl's relatives were offended by the response, and the marriage did not take place.
  14. The writer was not married, although from an extramarital affair with the cook he had a daughter, Alexander, whom he raised as legitimate. He bequeathed all his fortune to her.
  15. At the end of his life, Krylov was treated kindly by the royal family. He had the rank of state councilor, six thousandth pension.
  16. Ivan Andreevich died in 1844, at the age of 75. They still argue about the cause of death: some say that it is from overeating, others from pneumonia. Count Orlov personally arrived at the funeral, and even volunteered to carry the coffin.