Scariest horror movie ever

The scariest, and therefore the best, horror film is still considered to be the 1980 Stanley Kubrick thriller The Shining, an adaptation of Stephen King's book of the same name.

The film tells a shocking story about a writer who, in search of peace and inspiration, moves with his wife and son to live and work in a country hotel during the off-season when there are no guests.

The overwhelming atmosphere of the presence of outsiders in this hotel and the horror of the realization of his own lack of demand lead the protagonist into confusion, he loses his mind and sense of reality ... and an unexpected and obsessive thought comes to his head to exterminate his own family.

The role of the crazy writer was played by the famous Jack Nicholson, despite the fact that Stephen King himself was against it, since he believed that the audience of the film would be more interested in tracing the history of the madness of an initially completely normal person, and the expression on Jack Nicholson's face at the very beginning of the film has a slightly crazy look.

This film is far from being the only one taking pride of place in various ratings and lists of the best films in the "horror" genre. But the most interesting thing is that scientists for the evaluation of horror films have derived a special mathematical formula that takes into account all the most important characteristics of this genre and came to the conclusion that the film "Shining" ideally combines all the terms, which unconditionally confirms the opinion of film critics and viewers: "Shining" is the best horror movie of all time.