World record of attempts to pass on the rights

Many people probably remember their courses at a driving school and driving exams to obtain the coveted driver's license. How difficult it was, and sometimes it was not possible for some to get the license right the first time. And if you have not passed your license, do not be discouraged, you still have a lot of time and attempts to complete what you started. As an example of perseverance and perseverance in this difficult matter, we can cite one lady from a distant eastern state, who set the world record for attempts to surrender to the right.

Sixty-eight-year-old South Korean has managed to get the coveted crust, confirming that she can drive, only from the 950th attempt. Incredibly, it really is. Korean woman can enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Every working day since 2005, elderly Cha Sa Sunn has attended a driving school, hoping to finally pass the hated exam. The Korean woman became famous when she failed the exam for the 700th time. Then the local media began to write about the unlucky old woman.

To pass the South Korean driving license exam, you need to score 60 points out of 100. The woman regularly missed a little. And finally, not so long ago, Sa Sunn was lucky, she scored just 60.

One of the employees of the driving school, where for 7 years the Korean woman tried to pass the exams, commented on the situation as follows: “Undoubtedly, the woman’s persistence can only be envied. After all, the hope of getting the cherished rights did not leave her for several years. This is a kind of record worthy of attention. " And one of the police officers working in the department for conducting tests for drivers promised to make a memorial plaque with his own hands if the old woman did not fail the exam. Now it remains to take the last step: in order to get the long-awaited driver's license, Sa Sunn needs to pass a driving test. And if everything goes smoothly, the elderly lady will finally make her dream come true and get behind the wheel.

The Korean woman is known to sell fruits and vegetables, as well as household goods. She carries with her a handcart with goods, and now, in order to expand the scope of her activities and make her work easier, she wants to get her own car. Law enforcement officials have calculated that the woman spent about 5 million South Korean won on the theoretical part of the exam, which is 4, 2 thousand dollars.