World record for playing snowballs

The most massive snowball fight took place in Seattle, Washington on January 12, 2013. 5834 people participated in the snow slaughter, which is almost five hundred more than the previous record set in 2010 in Seoul (South Korea).

The organizers of the event spent several months preparing for the most massive snow battle. But they failed to foresee everything. The biggest surprise was the lack of snow, a sharp warming almost frustrated all plans. They had to hire thirty trucks, which brought about eighty tons of snow from the mountains.

People who came to take part in the snow battles were wearing a bracelet when buying a ticket on their wrist, so the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records counted the number of participants. But at the last moment, for the honesty of counting, it was decided to count only those who managed to throw at least one snowball in one and a half minutes allotted for setting the record.

The event was paid and was conceived as a charity event in support of the local preschool education center. In total, more than six thousand tickets were sold, and the revenue was about forty thousand dollars.