Alain Bombard - in trouble on his own

In 1952, a young French doctor Alain Bombard decided to arrange an unusual experiment on himself. Bombar conceived, from his own experience, to prove that the victims of shipwrecks can be for a long time on an ordinary life-saving craft in the open ocean and remain alive.

The desperate experimenter was convinced that hunger or thirst did not kill people in such a situation. These people died of fear. They did not believe in the possibility of salvation and quickly stopped fighting for their lives.

And the sea, according to Bombar, is not a lifeless environment at all. There is enough food in it, and it's all about the ability to get it.

Alain Bombard charted his sailing route away from shipping lanes to avoid the temptation to ask for help. On October 19, 1952, the brave Frenchman left the Spanish port of Las Palmas and headed for America across the Atlantic Ocean.

His floating craft was a rubber boat 4 m 65 cm long and 1 m 90 cm wide. Bombar proudly called his vessel, which was not very suitable for ocean navigation, "The Heretic".

He took with him a small emergency supply of food and a radio station, which went out of order at the beginning of the journey.

In order to make his voyage as close as possible to the situation in which victims of sea disasters find themselves, Alain did not take fishing gear with him, but only a knife, which he tied to an oar, making a kind of harpoon.

The fish that could be caught and plankton were the main diet of the traveler. Sometimes I managed to catch birds. The lack of water had to be compensated for with juice squeezed out of the fish, sometimes it was necessary, in small portions, to drink sea water.

Only 65 days later, the Heretic reached the coast of Barbados. Such an extreme swimming was not easy for Alain Bombard. He lost 25 kg, received a serious visual impairment, his whole body was covered with ulcers, and his toenails and toenails fell out. But he achieved his goal.

Already on the shore, Bombar showed his emergency food supply. Feeling terrible hunger, he did not touch it!

Despite the fact that Alain Bombar found himself in the open ocean of his own free will, he proved to the whole world that a shipwrecked person can defy the elements and survive for a long time.