American presidents are record holders

George Washington became the first president of the United States of America. In January 1789, by decision of Congress, a commission was created, consisting of 69 electors, on February 4 of the same year they all cast their votes for George Washington. In 1792, Washington, again unanimously, was re-elected to a second term. Thus, he became the only US president against whom not a single vote was cast. Washington was not a member of any of the parties, rejecting even the very idea of ​​partisanship.

On March 4, 1841, William Henry Harrison took over as President of the United States. At the inauguration ceremony, he gave the longest speech, it lasted two hours and consisted of as many as 8578 words. On this day, the new president caught a cold and exactly one month later, on April 4, died of pneumonia. This is the shortest tenure as the first person in the United States of America. And the shortest inaugural speech was delivered by the first president of America, George Washington - only 133 words.

The largest father among all US presidents was John Tyler, who held this post from 1841 to 1845. Tyler was married twice, fathering 15 children, 8 from his first marriage and 7 from his second. At the same time, the second time John Tyler got married at a respectable age, he was 54 years old. his wife was Julia Gardiner Tyler, who was 30 years younger than her husband. The last time John Tyler became a father was when he was over seventy years old.

The smallest of all presidents was James Madison, weighing only 45 kilograms with a height of 164 centimeters. Abraham Lincoln, with a height of 195 centimeters, could well have made a successful basketball cart, but the heavyweight president was William Taft, he weighed almost 140 kilograms, he even had to install a more spacious bath for him in the White House, the old one turned out to be cramped for him, he got out out of it with difficulty.

None of the presidents could compete with Ullis Grant in the number of cigars smoked - up to 20 cigars a day. It was almost impossible to see him without a cigar. It was this addiction that caused death, Grant died of cancer of the larynx. Shortly before his death, the ex-president managed to complete work on his memoirs.

The President of the United States, according to the country's constitution, cannot be elected for more than two terms. An exception was made only for Franklin Roosevelt, who was elected four times during the Second World War. Roosevelt died as president on April 12, 1945. In the White House, he could rightfully be called "his own man", he was related to eleven of his predecessors.

Since 1959, the United States has 50 states. And the first president who, while in office, managed to visit all of them, was Richard Nixon. He also became the only president in the history of the country who resigned without waiting for the end of his term. This happened on August 9, 1974. He became involved in a political scandal dubbed "Watergate", and decided not to wait for the impeachment.

All presidents of the United States of America have been married. But, as you know, there are no rules without exceptions. The bachelor was James Buchanan, who served as head of the White House from 1857 to 1861. In his youth, he planned to get married, but the bride passed away shortly before the wedding. Shocked by the loss, Buchanan declared that he had lost his happiness forever. President Buchanan has been criticized for his indecision, and many historians have called him the worst leader in history.

The oldest US president was Ronald Reagan, at the time of taking office he was 69 years, 11 months and 14 days. But this did not prevent Reagan from being re-elected for a second term. And the youngest was Theodore Roosevelt - 42 years, 10 months and 18 days. Roosevelt took this post without election, his predecessor William McKinley was killed in an assassination attempt, Roosevelt, who served as vice president, was sworn in.

Grover Cleveland became the only US president to serve two terms, but with a break. He was first elected in 1885, resigned four years later, and took the presidency again in 1893. Thus, Grover Cleveland is the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. No one else has double numbering.

The owner of a very original achievement is Andrew Johnson, President of the United States 1865-1869. Unlike most of his colleagues who had a good education, E. Johnson never even went to school. He was born into the family of a poor farmer, in his youth he was a tailor, married the daughter of a shoemaker. It was Johnson's wife Elsa who began teaching her husband to read and write. As it turned out, quite successfully, at the age of 45, Johnson became Governor of Tennessee, and then President of the United States of America.