Interesting facts about Mars

Interesting facts "Space" Interesting facts about Mars

  1. The planet is named after the Roman god of war because its color is very similar to that of blood. Mars is also known as the "Red Planet"; scientists suggest that the red tint is associated with the presence of iron oxides in the planet's atmosphere.
  2. Mars is the seventh largest planet in the solar system.
  3. Mars is home to the Mariner Valley, a canyon much deeper and longer than the Grand Canyon in the United States.
  4. Interesting fact, Mar boasts mountains that are higher than Mount Everest. It is also home to Mount Olympus, the highest known mountain in the solar system.
  5. Interestingly, Mars claims to be the planet with the largest volcanoes in the solar system.
  6. The atmosphere of Mars is about 100 times less dense than that of Earth. However, this is sufficient to support a weather system that includes clouds and winds.

    The average temperature on Mars is about -60 degrees C.

  7. The average distance between Mars and the Sun is about 141, 620, 000 miles (227, 920, 000 kilometers).
  8. One year on Mars equals 687 Earth days.
  9. Like Earth, Mars rotates from west to east.
  10. Interesting fact, a Martian day is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds, which is very close to Earth.
  11. Mars has a density of about 3.933 grams per cubic centimeter.
  12. The force of gravity on Mars is about 38 percent of that of the earth, that is, a person standing on its surface will decrease in weight by 62%.
  13. The average thickness of the Martian crust has been estimated to be about 30 miles (50 kilometers).
  14. The atmosphere of Mars is composed of 0.13% oxygen, 95.3% carbon dioxide, 2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, 0.07% carbon monoxide and 0.03% water vapor.
  15. Mars has two small moons, Phobos and Deimos.
  16. Mars was first visited by Mariner 4 in 1965.