Astronaut joke

This astronaut in 1973, as part of the Skylab crew, worked at the orbital station. Going on a flight, he took a dictaphone with him, on which he recorded several phrases of his wife at home, so that, already in orbit, he would play off officer Robert Crippen, with whom he periodically got in touch. Owen brought the recorder to the transmitter and turned it on. As a result, the following dialogue took place between the station and the center:

“Skylab, this is Houston, do you hear?

“Good afternoon, Houston, ” a cheerful female voice replied. - Skylab is listening.

The officer on Earth was stunned. He decided to clarify:

- Who is the transmitter?

“Rob, this is Helen, Owen’s wife.

Rob was silent for a while, thinking about what was happening, and then asked:

- What are you doing over there?

- I decided to cook the guys to eat. Fresh, homemade, ”Helen calmed him.

The earth was silent for about a minute, then switched off. Apparently, the officer's nerves could not stand it.