Interesting facts about Friday the 13th

Since ancient times, Friday, on which the 13th day of the calendar falls, is called "black". It was on this day, according to legend, that witches, ghouls and other animals gathered from all over the world for the Sabbath to perform sacrifices, dances and bacchanalia. Ships this Friday waited in ports, deals were canceled, and weddings were postponed. And in general, mere mortals preferred to sit out at home, telling each other scary stories like last Black Friday, their second favorite sock disappeared somewhere in a completely mysterious way.

Where does this superstition about "Black" Friday originate? The clergy claim that Christ was crucified on Friday, and Judas was the thirteenth at the Last Supper.

The ancient Germans have a story about the feast of the twelve gods in Valhalla, in the midst of which their “colleague”, the god Locke, arrived, not only being drunk, the thirteenth, who also completely turned out to be the god of quarrels and strife. As a result, the favorite of the gods Balder was killed, and Friday the 13th was overgrown with a new legend. Yes, and according to the Old Believers, Abel was killed by Cain on that very unfortunate Friday.

It is also possible to distinguish from history, quite a few unpleasant events that occurred on the 13th. In 1907, the seven-masted American schooner "Thomas Lawson", considered the largest at the time, named after the person who wrote the book "Friday the Thirteenth", was wrecked on Friday, December 13th.

On September 13, 1940, five German bombs were dropped on Buckingham Palace.

On November 13, 1970, a hurricane struck the south of Asia, the death toll was 300 thousand people.

October 13, 1972 - FH-227 crash in the Andes. The survivors of the crash fought for 72 days and were forced to resort to cannibalism.

And of course the legendary virus that was named after the date of its appearance "Friday the 13th", which infected thousands of computers in Britain.

In medicine, the fear of Friday the 13th is considered one of the phobias and is sometimes called parascavidecatriaphobia. The term was coined by the American psychotherapist Donald Dossey, who compiled it from the Greek words παρασκευή (Friday) and δεκατρείς (thirteen).

However, not everything is so bad, for example, many mystics say that the number 13 supposedly helps in big cash winnings, and in London to this day there is the notorious "Club of Eccentrics", whose members meet every month on the 13th, open umbrellas in the building, look in broken mirrors and sprinkle salt at every step. So far, there have been no casualties.