Interesting facts about Monday

Why is Monday called a hard day? Many psychologists explain this by the fact that it is simply difficult for a person to reorganize from a carefree weekend to the beginning of a new working week. By the way, the same psychologists assure that if you have a favorite job that you go to with pleasure, then Monday is no different from other days of the week.

Why is Monday called that way? Psychologists will not help here, you need to contact linguists. It turns out that our ancestors called Sunday "week". That is, the day when you can do nothing. And the word "Monday" means - "after the week."

The famous football player Michael Kojo Essien, who played for such clubs as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Milan, was born in the African state of Ghana. And he was born on Monday. And in Ghana, they attach great importance to this, often adding the name of the day of the week to the name of the child. In the language of one of the peoples of Ghana, the word "kojo" is Monday. Until 1957, Ghana was called the Gold Coast and was a British colony. In 1938, the future UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was born there. True, he was born not on Monday, but on Friday. Therefore, I received the name Kofi (Friday).

In 1960, the USSR national football team became the European champion. Our team included footballer Viktor Ponedelnik. After completing his football career, he became a famous football journalist, for several years he was the editor-in-chief of the weekly Football - Hockey.

The name of the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, translated from Persian also means "Monday". Why did the city get this name? Everything is very simple - many centuries ago there was a village named Dushanbe-bozor here. That is, the settlement where there was a bazaar on Mondays.

There is such a sign - the more money in your wallet on Monday, the more successful, in a financial sense, the whole week will be. That is why it is not customary to lend money on Monday, so as not to damage your own wallet.

British scientists argue that Monday is the best day to buy a car. The peak of sales occurs on weekends, and on Mondays there are much fewer buyers, therefore, sellers are more willing to make discounts.

If it is better to buy a car on Monday, then it is not recommended to go on a long journey that day. It is believed that such a trip will obviously not bring good luck. The sailors also disliked going to sea on Monday and Friday, trying in any way to postpone the day.

Columbus Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday in October in the United States. For a long time, the event was unofficial, but since 1937 this event has been celebrated as a public holiday. Until 1971, festive celebrations took place on October 12, then the holiday became rolling - the second Monday of the month.

On September 3, 1919, a decree was issued in Soviet Russia, according to which the day off for employees of "entertainment enterprises" was postponed from Sunday to Monday. This made it possible to hold entertainment events on Sundays, when most of the workers were resting.