The largest helicopter in the world

The B-12 (aka Mi-12 and Homer - according to NATO classification) is the heaviest and most lifting helicopter in the world.

The B-12 was developed as a super-heavy transport helicopter, commissioned by the military to transport ICBM components.

The helicopter made its first flight on July 10, 1968, and on August 6, 1969 - V-12 lifted a load of 44 205 kg to a height of 2255 m, setting a world record for carrying capacity for helicopters, which has not been broken so far.

For the creation of this helicopter, the American Helicopter Association awarded M. Mil OKB with the II Sikorsky Prize, awarded for outstanding achievements in helicopter technology (the B-12 was twice in size and four times larger in weight than the largest American helicopters ).

Despite the amazing development, the program was curtailed as unnecessary - by this time the military no longer needed a helicopter of such a carrying capacity.

In order for you to finally understand WHAT our designers have created, I will give the main performance characteristics of this monster:

Crew: 6 people.

Passengers: 196

Max. speed: 260 km / h

Flight range: 1000 km

Service ceiling: 3500 m

Main rotor diameter: 2 x 35 m

Fuselage length: 37 m

Height: 12.5 m

Max. Takeoff weight: 105, 000 kg

Only 2 V-12 helicopters were built, of which one is kept on the territory of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in Panki, and the second is in the Aviation Museum in Monino.