Scientists have invented smart heated roads

The American company "Solar Roadways" has entered into an agreement with the US Federal Highway Agency for the construction of new-generation roads, which will help significantly save the city budget in the winter - the snow will melt thanks to the heaters built into the roadbed, powered by the energy of the sun.

As a coating, special heavy-duty glass will be used that does not shine in the sun and is not inferior to asphalt in adhesion.

With built-in LED lights, smart solar panels can paint road signs and crossings on the road. Moreover, they are sensitive to severity. A smart road, for example, will be able to notify the driver of a pedestrian stepping onto the roadway. The Solar Road also contains heating elements that melt snow and ice.

On the basis of such revolutionary materials, Scott Bruceau intends in the future to create a world road infrastructure of a new generation, which will work completely autonomously using the energy of the sun.