Interesting facts about glasses

Glasses are a very ancient invention, back in the 12th century, smoky quartz plates were used by judges to prevent witnesses from seeing the expression in their eyes. In 1352, the light saw the portrait of Bishop Hugo di Provence, writing a letter with spectacles on his nose.

Until the 16th century, glasses were used only by the farsighted, then glasses with concave glasses for myopic people appeared. The form and manner of wearing glasses also changed.

Italy produces the most points, followed by China. Oh, those mods are Italians.

London optician Edward Scarlett at the beginning of the 18th century added temples to the glasses, before that they were worn with an elastic band.

The first industrial batch (about 200, 000) of modern sunglasses was ordered by Napoleon for the Egyptian expedition (1798-1801). He ordered every soldier to wear tinted glasses. During the expedition, violators of this order were identified, whose eyes were struck by cataracts and other diseases caused by an unusually bright light for "European" eyes.

Danish poultry farms have invented special glasses for roosters. With such glasses, they become short-sighted and much less often arrange fights with each other.

The northern peoples had a kind of perforated "sunglasses" to prevent snow blindness. It turned out that perforated glasses can also be used to correct myopia.

American comedian Harold Lloyd, a silent movie star, could not be imagined without round glasses. In 1927, when his personalized star was laid on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lloyd left an imprint on it not of his palm or foot, but of his glasses.

The biggest glasses in the world were invented by the Dutch. In December 2004, Errold Jessurun, an employee of Jess Optiek, presented his brainchild to the public.

The width of the giant eyepieces is 1 m 94 cm, while the size of each lens is as much as 68 cm! For some time, the largest glasses in the world could be purchased at leading online auctions, but whether they were sold remains a mystery.

In March 2013, 80-year-old widow of John Lennon Yoko Ono posted on the Internet an image of her husband's blood-splattered glasses that were on the day of his murder, December 8, 1980. It did this to condemn the US Congress, which refused to ban the widespread sale of assault weapons in the country.

A model of glasses called ‘Jewel Sunglasses’, produced by one of the Swedish luxury fashion houses, costs 408 thousand dollars. The glasses are sold only in one piece and are the most expensive in the world.

According to psychologists, when people see a person with glasses, they exaggerate his IQ by 15 points. Be smarter in people's eyes - put on glasses :).