The story of love and the appearance of the Love is ...

The history of Love is began in the 1970s, and by the time these comics reached Russia and Ukraine, they were older than Santa Barbara. The story of their birth is truly romantic and says more about love than all the next five thousand drawings for chewing gum.

It all started when a young girl named Kim left her native New Zealand with a typical goal for youth of the hippie era - to feel the unity with the world, having traveled far and wide. Simply put, get out of tiny Auckland and into a bigger city where there would be work. So Kim found herself in Los Angeles, it was 1967 and she fell in love. Her chosen one was Roberto Casali, a programmer from Italy. They studied skiing at one club, and then consolidated the material they had covered with long evening walks. When the guys did not manage to cross, they wrote notes to each other, and Kim, among other things, accompanied them with illustrations (well, you guessed what ...). The plots were mainly ski incidents; later the circle of Kim's addressees began to grow - her friends and colleagues became her admirers. By the way, her place of work was the most suitable - an advertising agency, where she worked at 26 ... no, not as a creative director, as is customary in Ukraine, but as a receptionist.

The touching story of the appearance of Love is ...

In 1970, Kim received her first commission to create a weekly comic strip for the Los Angeles Times. The release of the illustrations coincided with the release of Erich Segal's book "Love Story" and the film of the same name, whose slogan was "Love is when, you don't have to apologize." Kim entered into controversy with the mainstream, altering the phrase to "Love is when, you are able to apologize" (golden words). In general, this act resonated in the hearts of readers and orders fell on Kim.

Very soon, the long-haired blonde and the dark-skinned boy Love is ... appeared not only on newspaper pages, but also on T-shirts, cups, bags, calendars, in separately published comics and even books. Even then, Love is .. products were published in 50 countries of the world. By the mid-70s, Kim's annual income was 4-5 million pounds (I am not aware of the exchange rates at that time, so I do not risk translating into dollars).

Meanwhile, Roberto and Kim were finally getting married. She was 30, and he was 26. And now I have to dramatize a little (bear with me a bit): accepting the marriage proposal from Roberto, Kim set the condition: "Do what you want, but you must not die before me." Knowing how an affirmative answer to this question was important for his beloved, who herself lost her father in early childhood, Roberto agreed. Soon, Kim and Robie had children: Stefano was born first, and immediately after him - Dario. The couple was happy, traveling and buying properties all over the world.

However, in 1975, Roberto was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the testicles. Even before the operation and for some time after, Kim and Roberto tried to conceive a third son, because, according to the artist, she always wanted at least 4 children. A year later, Roberto died, and by that time no attempt at artificial insemination had been successful.

For a year, everything was quiet, and then a sensation: in July 1977, Kim gives birth to Milo's third son from her late husband. The situation for those who like to peep through the keyholes is the most piquant! The press of the world was literally stirred up with comments “for” and “against” such an act. Even the Vatican responded, calling the act "contrary to evangelical morality." “It's cute here because of the love of his mother and father. If this does not correspond to someone's morality, then your yardstick has been knocked down. We tried to conceive a son by artificial insemination before Roberto's death. It didn't work right away, but it turned out after that, what is immoral here? ”, - summed up the attacks of the newspapers Kim.

Since then, Kim Kassali has no longer drawn comics. Reproduction rights were granted to British cartoonist Bill Asprey. Already under his authorship, the heroes of Love is ... had children (a boy and a girl) and grew old. The new recordings for the inserts were composed by him, and later by a whole in-house team of copywriters.

Unfortunately, Kim did not share the fate of her characters. She chose to move away from publicity, changed her country of residence several times and even for some time was engaged in breeding Arab horses. At the age of 56, she died suddenly of bone cancer.

Her three sons found themselves in the fringes of art, IT and marketing. The two youngest are co-creators of the cult game DOOM, as well as map designers and developers for Counter-Strike and Half-Life.

The eldest son Stefano became an even more influential pepper. He worked for several years in the London branch of the advertising super-mega-agency Saatchi & Saatchi, where he hosted such titans as Gillette, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung. And then he jumped to Leo Burnett, and guess why? Don't believe me to lead McDonald’s (I think this brand haunts me ...). After the death of his mother, Stefano took over the management of the family company Minikim, named after her, and to this day, together with Bill Asprey, creates and promotes the most romantic comics in the world Love is ...