Women's inventions used by men

It will be difficult for men to believe that the circular saw was invented by a woman. It happened in 1810, when the weaver Tabitha Babbitt, observing the sawing of logs with a hand saw, noticed that the log was only sawn when the saw went forward, but the energy for the reverse movement was wasted. That's when Babbitt started developing a circular saw prototype. Interestingly, she refused to file a patent, as it contradicted the commandments of the Protestant community, to which this woman was a member.

But the secretary Cynthia Westover was probably a big lover of cleanliness. Therefore, I decided that it was necessary to put things in order not only in the house, but also on the street. Including in winter, when the roads are covered with snow. In 1892, she began assembling the snow machine.

American Mary Anderson in 1903 on a winter day had a chance to travel through New York on a trolleybus. Probably, the woman was very cold, since the frontal window was open: it was snowing heavily, therefore, the driver had to take such a step to improve visibility. Mary Anderson wondered - is it possible to come up with some device that allows you to clean the glass without leaving the salon? She soon patented a device called windshield wipers. At that time they were mechanical - with the help of a lever the driver could "wiper" from the cab, sweeping away the adhering snow from the glass.

A fiber called "kevlar" has saved the lives of many military and law enforcement personnel. Kevlar is much stronger than steel, while being relatively light in weight. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of helmets and body armor. And the American Stephanie Kwolek was engaged in its development. Her inventions in the field of polymers have received numerous awards. For the first time, Kevlar was obtained in 1964. Kvolek herself assumed that it would be used for the manufacture of durable car tires, and did not even want to hear about cooperation with the military. But, all the secret becomes clear, Kevlar has become widely used in the manufacture of protective equipment and without her consent.

Firefighter is a harsh male profession. In most countries of the world, women are prohibited from entering firefighters by law. But the fire escape, which is attached to the outside to the walls of the building, was invented by a woman. In 1887, a certain Anna Connelly approached one of the American patent offices, proposing to connect neighboring buildings with iron bridges, through which firefighters could quickly get to the source of the fire, and residents move to a safe place. Later, the bridges were replaced by open staircases, which are still used today.

It is said that the muffler for cars was invented in 1917 by El Dolores Jones. Thanks to her, the world became a little quieter, because the first cars emitted a terrible roar. Probably, Mrs. Jones was very annoyed, so she decided to improve the vehicle, which was driven by the overwhelming majority of men. True, the pride of the stronger sex was hurt. Many of them argue that the first mufflers appeared much earlier, at the end of the 19th century. And without any involvement of El Dolores Jones.