Interesting facts about the railroad

An interesting fact is that the gauge of the railway in Russia is 8 centimeters larger than in Europe. There is an epic that when Russian engineers came to the tsar and asked what width to make the track, the same as in Europe or more, he replied: nah ... th more. So they made the track exactly that much wider. The width of the European railway track was adopted long before the invention of the steam locomotive. It exactly corresponds to the distance between the wheels of the ancient Roman chariots, with which the Romans made conquest campaigns across the territories of modern England and France. The peoples of Europe made their chariots according to Roman models, this standard was taken into account in the construction of railways.

In the first time of the existence of the Nikolaev railway, the mail was especially vigilantly guarded along the entire route. To this end, mail trains were sent under the escort of horse gendarmes, who galloped at full speed along the railway.

Third-class carriages on the first Russian railways were installed in the front of the train, were equipped with rigid benches, but ... did not have a roof, and therefore passengers more often drove under the benches, where they fled from sparks flying out of the locomotive pipe, and the cold.