Interesting facts about the phone booth

Interesting facts "Technology" Interesting facts about the phone booth

  1. Mobile phones have become so common in our time that it is difficult to imagine a time when the streets of all cities were decorated with numerous telephone booths. But it was not so long ago, they lost their popularity only a couple of decades ago.
  2. In 1876, inventor Alexander Bell demonstrated how the telephone worked at the first World Electrical Exhibition in Philadelphia, and just a few years later the first telephone booths began to appear. By paying a certain amount, one could call directly from the street.
  3. Now it is difficult to say where and when the very first telephone booth was installed. Most sources name the capital of England - London. But, according to other sources, it happened in Berlin on January 12, 1881. The booth was installed on Potsdamer Platz. It was necessary to buy a special ticket, giving the right to a few minutes of conversation. But, the problem was that there were not many home phones in Berlin at that time, therefore, there was no queue of those who wanted to call.
  4. All English telephone booths have been painted standard red. But, this was not always the case - the design of these booths in the early years of their existence was so different that it was difficult to find them. To get rid of this problem, a competition was announced in 1924 to create a single standard. The winner was Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's project, which proposed a single, red color for all telephone booths in the country.
  5. Telephone booths in England are now becoming a thing of the past, but you can still find them on the streets. But Jordan in 2004 became the first country in the world where all telephone booths were dismantled - with the advent of modern communication, street phones were simply no longer used.
  6. An original application for a telephone booth was found in the English village of Drofton, where not a single store remained. An old booth, which had been inactive for a long time, was adapted for the point of sale. An order can be made in a nearby town by phone, the goods are delivered to Drofton and left in the booth. The purchase is paid by credit cards. The residents themselves claim that there were no cases of theft, despite the fact that the booth is always open.
  7. A booth in Lyon (France) has been converted into an aquarium. Lighting is connected to the unusual aquarium, therefore, you can admire its inhabitants not only during the day, but also at night.
  8. In May 2017, three telephone booths were installed in St. Petersburg, from which you can call poets, moreover, those who have long passed away. At the indicated number, you can call, for example, Sergei Yesenin or Vladimir Mayakovsky and even hear the answer - the poet will read an excerpt from his works. Naturally, all these voices are from a bygone era, they were recorded on tape during the life of the classics.
  9. In the Soviet Union, a conversation from a telephone booth on a local line cost 2 kopecks. But, some craftsmen managed to call absolutely free. A hole was drilled in the coin and a thread was attached. After the end of the conversation, the "kopeck piece" could, with the help of a thread, be removed back from the coin acceptor. Officially, only calls to emergency services, such as police or ambulances, were free.