The most dangerous airports in the world

Every time we fly, we have a strange sensation in our stomach, because there are several thousand feet between us and the ground. But that feeling would be ten times stronger if you were to land in the mountains or by the ocean.

Princess Juliana International

The second busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean. The airport is known for very short runways, which are insufficient for large aircraft. Because of this, planes are approaching the island, slightly above the heads of tourists on Maho Beach.

Juencho E. Iroschen Airport

The only airport in the Caribbean island of Saba. He is known among experienced pilots for the way planes need to land or take off from an airport. It occupies a large part of the small island of Saba. Some aviation experts believe that this is one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

The danger lies in the location of the airport. One side is located between high hills, and the other is in the sea.

Courchevel Airport - France

Courchevel is the name of a mountain resort in the French Alps, the largest ski resort in the world. The airport has a certain reputation in the aviation industry because it has a very short runway. Courchevel is home to an extremely short uphill runway (600 meters) with a vertical drop at the end.

Lukla Airport - Nepal

The airport is located at an altitude of 2900 meters. A huge mountain is located on one side and a thousand-meter abyss on the other side of the airport. It is quite popular as the place where most climbers start their ascent to Everest.