Mountain of Presidents

In the USA, in the vicinity of Keystone (South Dakota), there rises Mount Rushmore, better known to the people as the Mount of Presidents. Giant portraits of 4 famous presidents of the United States - Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are carved into the granite rock. In 1927-1941, more than 400 stonecutters, led by the sculptor Gadson Borglum, created this incredible sculptural composition.

It was necessary to remove about 450 thousand tons of rock. The rocks were blown up with dynamite, then worked with chisels and hammers. The height of the bas-relief is about 18 meters (higher than a 6-storey building). Despite the enormous size of the faces carved in stone (nose - about 6 meters, eye - about 3.3 meters, mouth - about 5.5 meters), the portrait resemblance of the images is beyond doubt. The Rushmore Rock relief became a United States National Memorial. It is a symbol of the history of the development of American democracy and the greatness of its leaders.

The geographical name of the mountain is Mount Rushmore. It is named after the New York businessman Charles E. Rushmore, who in 1884 organized an expedition to this mountainous region. They say that when Rushmore returned to South Dakota, he began to ask about what he saw. "Well, this place was never called in any way, " he replied. "But from now on, it will be called Rushmore."

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a place of pilgrimage for tourists. The Lincoln-Borglum Center is open at the memorial. Visitors are greeted by an instructor who leads them along the path of the Presidents to the monument. In the evening, the mountains are illuminated for 2 hours.