Spring Temple Buddha - the tallest statue on the planet

The tallest statue in the world is located in China. The village of Zhaocun (Henan province), which is not far from the national highway number 311, has sheltered a giant bronze giant. The statue depicts Buddha Vairochana, one of the five Buddhas of Wisdom, the deity of the most widespread Chinese religion. The official name of the statue is the Buddha of the Spring Temple (Buddha Vairochana) or the Golden Buddha of Foshan.

The Chinese decided to start building the statue after an outrageous incident. In 2001, by order of the Taliban leadership, two Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan were destroyed. The Taliban considered it an insult to see the idols of an "unfaithful" deity on their Islamic land. The act caused a storm of negative emotions and condemnation of almost all countries of the world (including Islamic), because in addition to the value of the statues for Buddhists, they were included in the UNESCO heritage list. Then the Chinese authorities decided to build the largest statue in the world.

In their desire to prove their importance and greatness to the whole world, Chinese masters erected the monument in just a year - already in 2002, the opening of the Buddha statue took place. The 108 meter high Buddha stands on a 20 meter foot in the shape of a lotus flower (the sacred flower of the east), for a total of 128 meters of beauty and grandeur, plus 25 meters of the pedestal (153 meters).

However, this was not the final completion of the construction. In 2010, the hill on which the statue stood was converted into two large stone steps. After measurements were taken, the height figure from the very bottom to the top of the monument was announced - 208 meters, and with this figure, the Buddha of the Spring Temple was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest statue in the world ...

Surprisingly, the construction of the statue cost China a relatively small price. - $ 55 million (18 of which were spent on the statue itself). In addition to labor and time, 33 tons copper, 108 kg gold and about 1000 tons special steel were spent. The structure was not one-piece, but was manufactured in parts, of which there were about 1100 pieces. Only after the complete readiness of all the components, the Buddha was assembled.

The Buddha of the Spring Temple owes its name to the Foshan Temple, which was built during the Tang Dynasty. Near the temple, there is a hot spring Tianju, the water in it is heated to 60˚C and is considered curative.

Information for comparison. The heights of the statues of the world (excluding the foot, pedestals and steps):

Daibutsu Usiku (Japan) - 100 meters.

The Buddha statue in Ang Thong (Thailand) - 92 meters.

Motherland calls! (Russia) - 85 meters.

Statue of Liberty (USA) - 46 meters.

Christ the Redeemer Statue (Brazil) - 30 meters.