Interesting facts about lighthouses

Interesting facts "Structures" Interesting facts about lighthouses

  1. The earliest lighthouses were bonfires, they were built on the banks so that ships could navigate in the dark. Later, instead of firewood, kerosene or coal was used to illuminate the lighthouse. Today, most of the lighthouses are controlled by a computer, therefore, such a position as a caretaker is a thing of the past.
  2. Even monuments on the coast were sometimes used as lighthouses. For example, from 1886 to 1902. this role was played by the famous Statue of Liberty, erected on Liberty Island in New York's Upper Harbor.
  3. The famous Alexandria Lighthouse was built in the 3rd century BC and is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Its height was about 150 meters. Thanks to this structure, ships entering the Alexandrian Bay could avoid collisions with the reefs. The lighthouse served safely for over 1, 000 years, suffered from earthquakes more than once, and was finally destroyed in the 14th century. Later, the stones were used for the construction of the Kite Bay fortress, which has survived to this day.
  4. Today, the tallest lighthouse in the world is located in Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah. It was erected relatively recently - in 1990. And in height it is almost equal to that of Alexandria - more than 130 meters.
  5. And in our country, the lighthouse, which has the highest height, bears a complex name - the Forest Mole Stvorny Back. Its summit is 73 meters above the earth's surface. This lighthouse was built in St. Petersburg on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.
  6. In the old days, there were a huge number of false beacons, which were built temporarily for one and only purpose: to lure a ship aground and rob it. But on the shores of France, on the contrary, there were no lighthouses until the 17th century.

    Moreover, this ban was introduced in order to avoid a pirate attack.

  7. One of the most mysterious lighthouse stories occurred in 1900 on the island of Eileen Mor in the Outer Hybrid Islands. The crew of the steamer "Archer" noticed that the fire in the lighthouse had gone out. A rescue ship was sent to the island, but no one was found in the lighthouse tower. The small island, which is only 600 by 300 meters in size, has been thoroughly surveyed, but to no avail. A new caretaker was left on the island, but a month later he flatly

    refused this position, claiming that all this time he experienced an incredibly oppressive state.

  8. The image of the lighthouse can often be seen on banknotes around the world. For example, before the introduction of the euro, one of the lighthouses adorned a banknote of 250 Dutch guilders. And they are even more common on coins. Moreover, the first images can be found on the coins of Ancient Rome.
  9. In 1964, the Mayak radio broadcasting company was established in the Soviet Union. The melody "Moscow Nights" was chosen as a call sign and is used to this day.
  10. On June 8, 1807, Emperor Alexander the First signed a decree - to transfer all the lighthouses of Russia to the subordination of the naval department for the safety of navigation and strict supervision over the maintenance of lighthouses. This day is the beginning of the lighthouse service in Russia. Since 1997, it has become a professional holiday for workers in this field.