Interesting facts about the monster

Monstera is one of the most luxurious representatives of the flora of our apartments. This flower has a very bad reputation. Some believe that a monstera is a real monster or an energy vampire, others are sure that the plant is poisonous, others fear that the monstera has the ability to bring misfortune and misfortune into the house and recommend immediately getting rid of it.

However, despite all these myths, none of them received scientific evidence.

It is true that the homeland of this beautiful vine is the tropical forests of America and its fateful name - Monstera - it really got from the Latin word "monstrum" (in the lane - monster) due to the fact that in natural nature the creeping stems of this vine are about 20 centimeters covered with bunches of fibrous aerial roots form dense thickets, which in the evening hours resemble all sorts of fantastic monsters from children's fairy tales. In addition, wild monsters bloom and produce fruits that look quite edible, but the substances in this fruit cause quite an unpleasant sensation in the mouth, reminiscent of being pricked by a thousand needles.

The fact that monstera is an energy vampire is the intrigues of esotericists who believe that plants with aerial roots, such as monstera and orchids, feed on the energy of the people around them. However, it has been scientifically proven that this type of root system is inherent in plants that often suffer from drought and, therefore, can catch moisture from the air.

But in the countries of Southeast Asia, people believe that monstera can bring good luck and health. For example, in Thailand, a pot with this amazing plant will definitely be placed near the bed of a seriously ill patient. In Laos, the monster is considered the guardian of the house, which brings health and prosperity to its inhabitants and is planted at the entrance to the house as a talisman.

Interestingly, monstera can serve as a green barometer - before a thunderstorm or rain begins, water droplets appear on its leaves.

Do not forget that, first of all, large monstera leaves enrich the air in our apartments and offices with oxygen, which is so important for us and our health, and the plants themselves are a wonderful decoration of the interior.