Interesting facts about birch

Birch has enjoyed great love and respect of the Russian people since ancient times. And how many poems and songs are composed about a curly birch tree. It can be called a symbol of Russia. Among other types of trees, it stands out for the white color of its trunk. Its bark is, as it were, sprinkled with white lime. This substance is called betulin, it spills out from the cells of the birch bark, which is why birch trees are white.

Birches can be found beyond the Arctic Circle and in the mountains. And also in warm countries on sandy and dry soils.

The smallest birch is a dwarf birch. Its height reaches only 1-1.5 meters.

In the spring, a birch tree can give a little more a bucket of juice per day. But it should be borne in mind that this can harm the tree. Therefore, the incision is carefully processed with clay or pitch.

Among other things, birch is an excellent air purifier. Therefore, some species are used to create field protection belts.

Dry distillation of the white bark produces tar.

Birch tar is used in medicine and perfumery, mainly as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. In the old days, they used to lubricate bogie wheel hubs to reduce friction.

The birch fruit is a small nut. The seeds are very light - there are 5000 seeds in one gram.

There are "male" and "female" trees (birch - birch), differing in shape: birch branches bloom to the sides, birch - up.

What a Russian bathhouse without birch brooms Connoisseurs know that birch brooms can heal, cleanse, filling the human body with vitamin C and essential oils.

Chaga, or birch mushroom, is a parasitic growth on a birch tree and it has medicinal properties. It is used as a symptomatic remedy for gastric ulcer, gastritis, malignant tumors.

In the old days, a birch torch was considered the best for lighting peasant huts - it burns brightly and almost without soot.

The Celts buried the dead in hats made of birch bark.

The name of the Icelandic singer Björk (Icelandic Björk) means "birch" in Icelandic.

One of the types of birch is iron birch or Schmidt birch, the flexural strength of wood is close to that of wrought iron.

One of the precious Faberge Easter eggs was made in 1917 from Karelian birch. It is called “Birch”.