Interesting facts about city names

Saratov is not a Russian word, but a Tatar word, and it came from the hills surrounding the city, which the local population has long called mountains. Sary in Tatar means yellow, tau means mountain. The name of the city on the Volga originated from Sary-Tau.

The industrial center of Kazakhstan, the city of Karaganda, got its name from the Karagan shrub growing on the territory where the city was built.

The name of the resort town Gelendzhik means white bride. Once from this Circassian trading village, white slaves were taken to Turkey and the Crimea, Baghdad - the modern capital of Iraq - owes its name to a saint who bore the name Dad. Baghdad literally means the garden of Dada.

The capital of the state of Nyo-Mexico in the USA, the city of San-ta-Fe, has another name - City Different, which translated into Russian means a city that is not like the others.

Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) means “I see a mountain”. These words belonged to Magellan, who in 1530, having dropped anchor at the mouth of the La Plata, 'saw a mountain, lonely towering over the plain.