Strange facts about customs

The habit of covering the floor of women's clothing from right to left, and men's clothing from left to right, is probably based on the fact that in ancient times a man had to hold a weapon in his right hand (the left is free), while women held a child with their left hand, and performed work with their right hand.

Among the Karo-Bataks on the island of Sumatra (Indonesia), there is still an ancient custom, according to which the father-in-law and daughter-in-law have no right to talk to each other and the conversation between them can only take place through an intermediary, and any inanimate object can also be an intermediary.

In the ancient African state of Oyo (now Nigeria), the rulers ruled as long as their actions satisfied the people. But at times Vladyka began to act to the detriment of his subjects. Then a solemn delegation came to him. In refined expressions, she thanked the ruler for his work and offered a parrot egg. In the diplomatic language of that time, this meant that the bankrupt ruler was obliged to commit suicide. There are cases when a ruler who was unwanted by the people found the courage to free the country from his presence.

The Nias (people of Indonesia) are very fond of yellow, which symbolizes purity, nobility and prosperity for them. A polite, well-mannered person is said to have “yellow behavior”. Good, pleasant dreams are called yellow dreams.