Interesting facts about the Russian Empire at the beginning of the XX century

Each monarch of the Romanov dynasty left to his heir a country larger in size than he received from his father.

In 1914, at the request of the United States, Tsarist Russia sent about 2, 000 Russian engineers to the Americans to create a heavy military industry ...

The Russian Empire entered the 20th century with the world's largest and best oil production and refining industry: 94% of all oil was refined domestically, the products were famous for their high quality and cheapness.

In 1913, Russia gained the same amount from the sale of butter abroad as from the extraction of gold.

The rate of economic development of Russia in 1912 was the highest in the world - over 20%.

In 1904, there were 21 million horses in Russia (worldwide - about 75 million): 60% of the peasant farms in Russia had 3 or more horses.

Before the First World War, Russia gave about the same amount of bread as the United States, Canada and Argentina combined, and they themselves were leading in this industry.

In the world food market at the beginning of the 20th century, Tsarist Russia was the absolute leader, then it was said that Russia was feeding half of Europe.

During the twenty years of the reign of Nicholas II, the population of the Empire increased by 50 million people - by 40%; natural population growth exceeded three million a year (for all 23 years of government - by 60 million). Along with natural growth, the general level of well-being has noticeably increased.

Ivan Solonevich writes: “Mr. Attlee is busy with free secondary and higher education - under Nicholas II in Russia it was almost completely free, and just before the revolution a law was passed on complete free of charge - and not only education, but also life during training ... My father graduated from the teachers' seminary at public expense - this government expense included all the maintenance and food for the students. For the entire time of my studies at the university, I paid only the entrance fee - 25 rubles. "