Why is a camel painted on the emblem of Chelyabinsk

Everyone knows that Chelyabinsk is a million-plus city and one of the most developed industrial centers of the Russian Federation, in which industrial production is concentrated, about 40% of the city's production is metals. Here are just the emblem of the Chelyabinsk region, and for some reason the Chelyabinsk itself has a camel. How did it happen?

It turns out that the authorities decided to return the historical coat of arms to Chelyabinsk, which turned out to be ... a camel. The new coat of arms of the city of Chelyabinsk was approved on September 12, 2000 and is a stylized version of the historical coat of arms of Chelyabinsk in 1782. On a silver shield, a symbol of purity of thoughts, protection and prudence, are depicted: a part of the fortress wall in confirmation that the city of Chelyabinsk was founded as a Russian fortress on September 13 (2), 1736; - at the fortress wall there is a loaded camel facing to the left as a sign that the city is rich in goods and its development depends on success in trade, this is indicated by a green field, a symbol of hope and abundance.

And about the camel, even in the "Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire" for 1830, the following explanation was given: "A loaded camel as a sign that they are bringing enough goods to this city."

Thus, the camel symbolizes the trade that lived and lives in the city.