Interesting facts about Argentina

The very name of the state comes from the Latin word "Argentum", which means "silver". Back in the 16th century, there were rumors among Europeans that there were mountains to the north of La Plata, literally stuffed with silver. Rumors were greatly exaggerated, but the name of the country stuck.

The highest mountain in South America is located in Argentina. It is called Aconcagua and its height is 6, 961 meters. In 2015, Ecuadorian climber Karl Egloff climbed to the summit in 11 hours 52 minutes. Nobody else managed to climb Aconcagua so quickly.

Argentina has the southernmost city on the planet - Ushuaia. One clarification is required here, Ushuaia is the southernmost city, but not the southernmost settlement - the Peruvian village of Puerto Williams is located closer to the pole. Despite its status, Ushuaia does not have a hot climate, even in summer the temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees. The proximity of the ice continent - Antarctica - affects.

The whole world knows the legendary revolutionary Ernest Che Chevar. He was an active participant in the Cuban revolution, therefore, many consider him to be Cuban. But, this is not so - Ernesto was born in 1928 in the Argentine city of Rosario. His parents were wealthy people, Ernesto Che Guevara received a good education, graduated from the medical faculty.

Argentinian Emilio Palma became the first person to be born in Antarctica. This happened on January 7, 1978. His father Jorge Emilio Palma was at that time at the Esperanza polar station. In the seventh month of pregnancy, his wife came to him, precisely so that their child was born on this continent.

True, the Norwegian Solveig Gunbjerg Jacobsen, who was born back in 1913 on the island of South Georgia, also claims the title of the first person born in Antarctica. But, many argue that this island cannot be considered part of Antarctica.

On July 20, Argentina celebrates an unusual holiday - Friendship Day. It is customary to spend this day with friends, exchange gifts and congratulations. Despite the fact that this holiday is not a state holiday, it is very popular in the country.

Every thirtieth inhabitant of Argentina has had plastic surgery at least once in his life. This service is not expensive here, so not only local residents, but also tourists are striving for plastic surgeons in Argentina.

The country is one of the world's centers for meat production. It is an indispensable ingredient in many national dishes. But Argentines eat little fish.

In an article about Argentina, it is simply impossible to ignore football. The national team of this country twice became the world champion, and every resident of the country knows such stars as Maradona or Messi.

By the way, as a child, doctors diagnosed Leonel Messi with a terrible diagnosis - growth hormone deficiency. Doctors assured that, at best, he would be able to grow up to 140 cm.Only thanks to expensive drugs, Messi was able to reach 169 cm.

But Diego Maradona performed in Italy for many years. By the way, his ancestors were originally from there. Maradona probably had a bad memory, so he forgot to pay taxes. As a result, the idol of football fans owed a "modest" amount to the Italian budget - $ 40, 000, 000. Since then, when visiting Italy, Maradona has, by court order, to part with any personal belongings. On one of his visits, a Rolex watch was confiscated from him, and a few years later - a gold earring, which was put up for auction.