What cannot be imported into some countries

Chewing gum has been banned from entering Singapore for many years. There are many reasons for this. For example, the struggle for cleanliness, since in hot climates, it is difficult to remove adhering gum from the sidewalk and walls. And also many pranksters sculpted it on the doors of subway cars, which caused a malfunction. For the import of gum, as well as for chewing it in the country itself, there is a large fine.

In 1956, the Summer Olympics were held in Melbourne. But, the organizers, even before the start of the competition, faced a serious problem: according to the laws of Australia, the import of animals was allowed only after a six-month quarantine. Therefore, the equestrian competition had to be moved to another continent - to Swedish Stockholm.

Until now, soil cannot be imported into Australia from other continents. And even any items (for example, shoes) with soil residues. And in the arrival card, you must indicate which farms and rural areas the person has visited during the last 30 days.

The neighboring country, New Zealand, is just as sensitive to the protection of the unique flora. Even bicycles and toys on wheels are not allowed here. The reason is that soil particles with microorganisms or seeds from other countries can remain on the wheels. And also musical instruments cannot be brought here to New Zealand, as the production of our own is well established here. An exception is made only in cases where the tourist undertakes to take the instrument back.

You cannot enter Finland by car with a radar detector. These devices are strictly prohibited there. If the anti-radar detector is found at customs, it will be immediately confiscated and destroyed. And the owner will have to pay a fine of 100 to 500 euros.

It's no secret that many "Swiss" watches are actually made somewhere in Asia. Going to Switzerland, it is better to leave such fakes at home, since for 10 years the country has been banning the import of counterfeit watches, the manufacturers of which pass them off as "Swiss" ones. In addition, foreigners are not allowed to bring lottery tickets into the country with them, although lotteries are not prohibited in Switzerland itself.

In many African countries, it is forbidden to import plastic bags. And on the territory of the countries themselves, their sale and production is prohibited. Especially strict with this in Kenya, there for the production of such products can be imprisoned for up to four years. The government explains these measures by concern for the preservation of nature: polyethylene, as you know, does not decompose for a long time.

Jamaicans' favorite drink is coffee. It seems that the islanders are ready to drink it at any time of the day and in any quantity. And if you have enough of your own coffee, then why import foreign coffee? This is now prohibited by law. For violation - confiscation of foreign coffee and a fine.

You cannot import any perfumery into Madagascar. The country is the world leader in vanilla production. The island has a huge number of factories that produce perfume oil. The ban is explained by concern for local producers - competitors are not needed here.