The first floating state will appear in 2022

Global warming threatens our planet with no less global problems. Scientists argue that in the last 30 years alone, the temperature on Earth has risen by half a degree, and the level of the World Ocean has risen by 15 centimeters during the twentieth century. A significant part of the world's population lives in areas at risk of flooding.

There are, however, skeptics who are sure that all talk about global warming is a common myth, and nothing threatens the planet Earth. But, 90% of scientists are convinced that the danger is not only great, but also inevitable. And if so, then urgently need to take action to save people.

A way out of this situation was proposed by the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel. He proposed starting the construction of floating states for the so-called "climate refugees" - residents of coastal areas, whose homes will be flooded due to climate change. Peter Thiel even agreed to invest in the project of the first such island state, allocating an amount of $ 50 million for this.

The first floating state should appear in the Pacific Ocean very soon - in 2022. It is planned to build about 300 houses on the artificial island, moreover, they will be equipped with the most modern infrastructure - restaurants, shops, offices, hospitals, schools. In a word, the life of the islanders-travelers will not differ much from the usual life of those who remain on the mainland. Moreover, they will even have the opportunity to engage in agriculture - the roofs of houses will be covered with soil, on which it is quite possible to break a "summer cottage" plot.

The island will be built near Tahiti, from where it will go to neutral waters. The inhabitants of the floating state will be independent from the governments of any countries and will create their own legislation. Currently, work is underway on a code of laws. The draft Constitution will also be ready soon.

French Polynesia is showing great interest in the implementation of this ambitious project. It is not surprising that if the level of the World Ocean continues to rise, then most of the islands of French Polynesia will be under water.

It is difficult to say how the life of the first citizens of the floating state will turn out, but so far everything seems to them joyful and cloudless: a great opportunity to get away from many of the problems of modern civilization. The islanders will even use their own cryptocurrency so as not to depend on the global financial system.

The island will consist of 11 platforms. If desired, each of them will be able to unmoor from the state and set off on an independent voyage. Some of the buildings will remain non-residential, therefore, it will be possible to offer vacant premises for rent to companies for offices.

Currently, many investors are ready to join the project: both reputable companies and individuals. If the fate of the first island-state turns out to be happy, then it will not be the only one, the construction of such traveling countries will continue.