Where is Limpopo

Many of us learned about the fabulous river Limpopo in childhood thanks to Korney Chukovsky's fairy tale "Aibolit". Every student remembers the immortal phrases:

And in Africa, And in Africa, In black

Limpopo, Sits and cries

In Africa

Sad Hippopo

But where is the Lipopo River actually located?

It turns out the Limpopo River (or Crocodile River, Limpopo River) is located in South Africa. The source is located south of Pretoria at the spurs of the Witwatersrand at an altitude of more than 1800 meters, in its upper course it crosses the Mogali Mountains and connects with Mariko. After passing 1600 km and taking in many tributaries, it flows into the Indian Ocean north of the Gulf of Delagoa. Limpopo is one of the largest rivers in Africa, stretching for 1, 750 kilometers and flowing through the territory of Zimbabwe and South Africa. The first European to discover Limpopo was Vasco da Gama in 1498. His expedition, looking for a sea route to India, anchored for several days at the mouth of this river.

The river is navigable to the mouth of Nuanetsi for 160 kilometers. In the summer months, the average temperature in the region is more than +40 degrees, powerful showers and thunderstorms are frequent. During the winter months, the heat decreases and the rains end.

The main tributaries are Ulyfants, Shashe and Shangan. The river is fed mainly by rainwater.

Limpopo plays a huge role in human life - the soil in the lower reaches of the river is very fertile and serves as a source of food for several million people. Limpopo is replenished by rainfall, so in dry years it dries up in the upper reaches for several months.

Part of the Limpopo River runs through the world famous Kruger National Park. It is here that the population of hippos now lives, to which the fabulous doctor Aibolit was in such a hurry.