Interesting facts about the Dead Sea

Interesting facts "Geography" Interesting facts about the Dead Sea

  1. This sea got its unusual name due to the high content of minerals in the water. It is for this reason that there are no fish, no plants and no large living organisms in the Dead Sea. Biologists managed to find here only bacteria, as well as several species of oomycetes and higher fungi.
  2. In fact, the Dead Sea is a lake, it is endless, located between the borders of Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea was mentioned by many historians and geographers long before our era. For example, Strabo in his writings calls it "Lake Sirbonida".
  3. The Bible prophesies that the waters of this sea will eventually become fresh. And this will mark the near end of the world. It is interesting that already now many eyewitnesses claim that they saw freshwater fish in the water. And Israeli journalist Noam Bedein even published several pictures.
  4. The high salt content of the Dead Sea will allow people to float easily while swimming. You can even calmly read a newspaper or book. Dead Sea water treatments are useful for those who suffer from arthrosis, arthritis and gout. And minerals, which are extracted in special evaporation tanks, are widely used for the production of cosmetics. Many Dead Sea minerals are simply unique and are not found in any other body of water on Earth.
  5. Although drowning is almost impossible in the Dead Sea, accidents do occur. In addition, it is very dangerous to drink this water: excessive salt content in the body can lead to poisoning and negatively affect the functioning of the kidneys.
  6. In 1867, the famous writer Mark Twain visited the Dead Sea. He described his impressions in the book "Simpletons Abroad". As you can see, these places did not cause delight in the writer: “An oppressive silence hung over him. And involuntarily you start thinking about funeral and death. "
  7. A few years before his death, Gogol made a pilgrimage to the Holy Places, visited Jerusalem. Gogol recalled that the beauty of the sunset at the Dead Sea was impossible to describe. The water in the sea turns purple at this time.
  8. The area of ​​the Dead Sea has been steadily decreasing in recent years. Experts say that if emergency measures are not taken now, then in 50 years this sea may simply disappear. The main source of water replenishment in the Dead Sea is the Jordan River. But it is actively used for industrial and agricultural needs. Israel and Jordan even propose to start pumping water from the Red Sea to stop the drying up of the Dead.
  9. In 1993, two residents of Odessa registered an unusual brand "Vobla of the Dead Sea". This fish was supposed to be released into the sea, and then caught already salted, ready to eat under a mug of beer. Naturally, the project ended in complete failure. Soon after being immersed in water, the fish died, and did not have time to saline well. But the hapless merchants had to pay the fine.