Interesting facts about yogurt

The word yogurt comes from the Turkish word “yogurur”, which means “long life”.

The earliest yoghurts probably formed spontaneously from the wild Lactobacillus.

Yoghurt with added fruit filling was patented in 1933 in Prague. It began production in the United States in 1947 by Dannon.

In 1916 Isaac Carasso Barcelona began selling yoghurt in Europe. He named the product Danone after his son Daniel.

According to nutritionists, a 240-milligram cup of plain yogurt made with whole milk contains only 140 calories.

The bacteria in yoghurt improve digestion and have a beneficial effect on the stomach.

Yogurt helps fight vaginal infections. (and where to spread it for this?)

Regular consumption of yogurt will not help you absorb the nutrients in other foods.

In Ecuador, yoghurt flavored with fresh fruit is served in fast foods.

For a long time, it was believed that yogurt prolongs life. In this regard, scientists are conducting research in this area.