Interesting facts about truffles

Gunfights, thefts, allegations of fraud and even the mysterious disappearances of specially trained dogs - all these crimes are committed because of truffles, which gourmets consider the king of all mushrooms. Interestingly, there are as many truffle smugglers as drug dealers in France. Black truffles only grow in the southeastern region of France and are very expensive. Interesting fact, truffles are very rare and grow underground to a depth of 30 centimeters.

A kilogram of truffles costs $ 750 on the French market. When exporting, the price increases to $ 1500. There are three types of truffles - black, gray and white. Black truffles are commonly found in France, white ones in Italy, and gray ones in North America.

Truffles grow on the roots of truffle oaks, hiding underground. Truffles are not visible, on purpose. Trained pigs and dogs are used to find them.

Black truffle is very aromatic, and so pungent that its smell penetrates even eggs when stored together.

White truffles have a slightly garlic aroma, with an intense flavor. Interesting they can be eaten raw. White truffles are considered the finest and the most expensive.

Gourmets consider gray truffles unworthy of their attention. And since black truffles are expensive, many scammers buy gray truffles and repaint them black to sell them at exorbitant prices. Therefore, they try to buy truffles from reliable dealers with a good reputation.

Interesting fact, truffle is considered an aphrodesiac. There is a legend that says that a pig of a childless farmer dug up some kind of poisonous underground mushrooms and ate them. The farmer was upset and waited for her death. But instead, she flew out in a fit of passion and began to attract males for mating. The farmer gathered mushrooms, cooked and fed himself and his wife. As a result, he had a large offspring.