The most unusual ice cream varieties

Licorice Ice Cream. This suspiciously black ice cream is sold in Sweden. Dessert with the addition of licorice (this herb) is considered very healthy and is deservedly popular among the local population.

Fried Ice Cream is a popular dessert in Mexico. To prepare this unusual delicacy, apple-sized ice cream balls are thoroughly frozen, then sequentially rolled in flour, egg and breading, frozen again, and quickly deep-fried in vegetable oil before serving. See below what comes out of this.

American fast food chain Burger King sells bacon and caramel ice cream. This miracle costs $ 2, 49 and contains as much as 510 calories.

During the Soviet era, tomato ice cream was sold, and now it can be seen mainly on the shelves in Japan, where it is quite common. The main ingredients of this dish are tomatoes, cream, garlic, bay leaves and freshly ground black pepper. By the way, recently tomato ice cream began to produce and the Magnitogorsk Dairy Plant.

Golden Ice Cream is on sale in high-end restaurants in the United States for a ridiculous price of only $ 1000 a piece! This dessert consists of five scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, made with Madagascar vanilla, which have been covered with an edible 23 carat gold leaf, the most expensive chocolate in the world "Amedei Porcelana", chocolate made from cocoa beans, brought from the village of Chuao (Venezuela), as well as American golden caviar, slices of passionfruit, orange, candied fruits from exotic fruits from Paris, marzipan cherries, truffles, decorated with real gold dragees and sprinkled with Armagnac on top. The golden ice cream is served in a crystal glass along with an 18 carat gold spoon on a mother-of-pearl shell.

Pepper Ice Cream is famous for its indescribable spicy taste. It contains heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar and freshly ground pepper mixture. During the freezing process, the ice cream is constantly stirred to distribute the pepper evenly.

In Asian countries, ice cream with VIAGRA is sold !!! It must be in such an unusual way that husbands are "recharged" to fulfill their marital duty. Now it is clear where they got such a birth rate.

Corn Ice Cream is another slightly bizarre invention of the amerikos who are famous for their love of this culture. Boiled corn grains have been added to the ice cream and now the second one is cracked and the dessert can be seen at the same time in order to save time.

Spaghetti ice cream is very popular in Europe. Fortunately, there is no pasta in it, it's just that the ice cream is pressed through a special press, and it takes the form of spaghetti, and then it is poured with whipped cream and syrup.

Squid ice cream. Again, these Japanese tricked, this time they added pieces of squid to the ice cream, having previously boiled it in milk. Those who ventured to bite said that this ice cream tasted sweet and salty, with a taste of metal and the smell of fish.

Charcoal Ice Cream is another strange dish of crazy Asian chefs. It must be good for heartburn.

Marijuana Ice Cream has just been on sale in American pharmacies. One package contains up to 4 doses of the drug and costs only 15 bucks. True, this delicacy can only be purchased with a prescription.